Thursday, 10 March 2011

me talking about stuff

writers block is the bane of my life, the more i think about what to write the less ideas come into my head!.

i spose that since realising what i want to do from now on i have become more and more immersed in the thoughts of what are to come, i have not as of yet, recieved any kind of notification from the Uni's that i chose (with the exception of Kent Uni who kindly sent me a letter of confirmation that they had recieved my application) so i guess i should start looking at my other options. ideally i would like a job, that is my first target. i am going to step up my efforts and get employed. secondly i need a drivers licence. this comes after getting a job because i need to get and afford to run a car. thirdly; get a better job, the drivers licence opens up a range of new, better payed job opportunities. and lastly find a flatmate(s) to bear the burden of renting and running a flat (i am aware that this could entail getting rid of the car but hopefully the flat will be in town so travel to a job wont be too much of a problem. if not i can always get a moped and use that... much cheaper).

so far, it has been three months into the year i have allotted myself to achieve my goals and i have not made much headway, i am making it my ultimate target for this year to at least get a job, things will hopefully be much easier when i can work full time, more money coming in.

anyway enough of this, im tired... good night

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