Saturday, 12 March 2011


I suppose most of you have heard about the problems Japan are facing at the moment, the images coming from the country are shocking to say the least. Some pictures I have seen seem to resemble the landscapes in the fallout games, which are set in a a post nuclear apocolypse world. So that isnt very good at all.

The death count seems to be in the thousands now with entire villages and their populations completely wiped out in the wake of huge 30 foot waves penetrating deep inland.

There was a lot of worry about the state of the nuclear power stations that the japanese run. 'the fear of chenobyl' was instilled in everyone the other day when the building housing one of the reactors at Fukashima exploded, worries were raised at the content of the cloud that was spreading outwards from the wreckage, luckily It seems that the reactor itself has remained intact meaning that a core meltdown at the moment is quite unlikely.

I have to say that the images coming from the countries affected are truely horrifying, the utter devistation caused is unimaginable and I genuinely feel for the people in those countries. I will be making donations to relief foundations.

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