Tuesday, 22 March 2011

FSM and the 2011 Census

Well its official, in the eyes of the government I am a Pastafarian. 2011 census arrived in the mail and I duely filled it out to express my religious orientation. I feel his noodly appendage in my presence even now, I believe I have made FSM happy. I hope that all the other pastafarians out there have put down their religion truthfully on their census, hopefully we can become a fully legitimate and recognised religion in this country, just like Jedi.

I dont quite understand this census, I feel it is just the government sticking its nose in to see whats happening. Its kinda creepy if you ask me... But still if it helps spread the word of the FSM then i'll take it.

It seems there are less people than i thought (who i know) that are using blogspot, its a shame really, I wanted to follow some blogs, oh well never mind.

Ill again, dont know what it is... it feels kinda like tonsilitis but I dont have any tonsils. I am taking this as a sign from his noodlyness that I am deserving of a day or two off from school. Tomorrow I shall eat some kind of pasta to show my thanks. I should be all healed up by friday so that I can enjoy the holy day properly. Might get myself some beer to drink when I get home from Sixth Form.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Technology, it’s all around us; incorporated into every aspect of out lives. I came across this subject while I was walking to school with my eyes fixated to the path in front of me, searching for the missing ear bud that goes with my earphones... I had lost it yesterday.
Thinking about how empty my walk to school was without the constant companion of music I realised just how dependant on technology we are. Take for instance the idea of all the computers in the world stopping at the same time (this can be caused by a number of events; nukes, solar flares, chuck Norris) the world would be thrown into chaos, businesses would fail, stock markets across the world would crash and no one would be able to watch TV... A grim picture to be sure. We have sold our souls to Mrs. Technology and she is a vengeful beast.
On the other hand, if the technology apocolypse doesn't happen, the future looks very advanced. What we have now is nothing, the brand new computer I am using to write this very blog is going to become very outdated quite soon, in a few years I will have to buy another one just to keep up with the software updates and latest trends. Until eventually we get to the point where we don’t need to progress any further and everything becomes fully automated.
Imagine technology like the kind you see in the matrix, you will be able to plug yourselves in and create a Utopia for yourself; worlds where you can do anything you want with no one to answer to if you do something wrong. Crime would stop in the real world because everyone would be plugged in, living in mansions with butlers and trophy wives. (although this would be in virtual reality, really you would be lying in a bath of nutrients with tubes going into your body to keep you alive).
You could be thinking at this point, if everyone is plugged in, who will look after us. Well that one is easy, the androids. Like i said before, everything will be automated. We will all live for ever. Chuck Norris will not be able to harm anyone (as far as scientists can tell, don’t put too much faith in them though, chuck has already broken the laws of physics). Tomorrows world may sound great for some people and just plain creepy for others, I myself am split between the two. But... The time will come...

Saturday, 12 March 2011


I suppose most of you have heard about the problems Japan are facing at the moment, the images coming from the country are shocking to say the least. Some pictures I have seen seem to resemble the landscapes in the fallout games, which are set in a a post nuclear apocolypse world. So that isnt very good at all.

The death count seems to be in the thousands now with entire villages and their populations completely wiped out in the wake of huge 30 foot waves penetrating deep inland.

There was a lot of worry about the state of the nuclear power stations that the japanese run. 'the fear of chenobyl' was instilled in everyone the other day when the building housing one of the reactors at Fukashima exploded, worries were raised at the content of the cloud that was spreading outwards from the wreckage, luckily It seems that the reactor itself has remained intact meaning that a core meltdown at the moment is quite unlikely.

I have to say that the images coming from the countries affected are truely horrifying, the utter devistation caused is unimaginable and I genuinely feel for the people in those countries. I will be making donations to relief foundations.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

me talking about stuff

writers block is the bane of my life, the more i think about what to write the less ideas come into my head!.

i spose that since realising what i want to do from now on i have become more and more immersed in the thoughts of what are to come, i have not as of yet, recieved any kind of notification from the Uni's that i chose (with the exception of Kent Uni who kindly sent me a letter of confirmation that they had recieved my application) so i guess i should start looking at my other options. ideally i would like a job, that is my first target. i am going to step up my efforts and get employed. secondly i need a drivers licence. this comes after getting a job because i need to get and afford to run a car. thirdly; get a better job, the drivers licence opens up a range of new, better payed job opportunities. and lastly find a flatmate(s) to bear the burden of renting and running a flat (i am aware that this could entail getting rid of the car but hopefully the flat will be in town so travel to a job wont be too much of a problem. if not i can always get a moped and use that... much cheaper).

so far, it has been three months into the year i have allotted myself to achieve my goals and i have not made much headway, i am making it my ultimate target for this year to at least get a job, things will hopefully be much easier when i can work full time, more money coming in.

anyway enough of this, im tired... good night

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

the first day of spring

last week i managed to walk down to the shops with a t-shirt and no jumper; its kind of ironic i spose because that was back in the winter. today however it was really quite cold. what a great start to spring... well heres hoping for a sunny summer and lots of going out.

went to bluewater last week, and as amazing a day out with my girlfriend that it was it was really overpriced in there, £2.50 for a small smoothie. £16 for three pairs of pants (which i bought out of neccesity) i could get a similar set for £3 in choice. still it was an impressive store.

i tried a smoking pipe for the first time last week, it tasted terrible, i dont know how anyone could like that; it make me literally throw up what a waste of £11, although my douchebag brother make good use of my tobacco without asking... then he stole all my sisters fags... then all my lighters... what a wanker