Friday, 22 April 2011

Once again to the cinema to see a film. This one, called limitless, is a film for those who dont mind waiting for the story to develop. My girlfriend didnt seem to enjoy it that much; "i'm really bored, ", and a friend of mine was told off by a lady in the row in front who looked a lot like the person who had a go at me during a showing of 'a body of lies' (I think it was that film) last year. Maybe shes one of those people who like to complain at people for a hobby.

its a shame people like that exist... or maybe she was just generally annoyed by his constant stream of noise eminating from him trying to drink the very last drops of a slushie through a straw in a silent, movie theatre.

The house will need clearing up tomorrow, It has been tidied a little bit but there is still lots to do before the parents get back on monday.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Something new

I tried something new today. Probably wasn't the best idea but I did it anyway. since I moved my desktop from my room to the dining room (This is because my parents have gone and I dont want to be disturbed when im trying to sleep, by friends who want to facebook in the early hours of the morning) so because of this I moved my computer and all associated equipment downstairs to the dining room... Anyway, back to what I did, I turned my bass speaker all the way up; then the two normal speakers all the way up. I turned the bass on its back pressed my face up against it; put the speakers to my ears and had one of my friends put on omen, which is a song by 'the prodigy'.

My ears are still ringing but it was a good experience.

One thing about my computer is that it really doesnt like me... usually. From the moment I built it, it has been teeming with bugs and malfunctioning software (not because of my computer building skill). However, when I brought it downstairs to the dining room and set it all up, it ran like I had just built it yesterday... granted this was after I deleted some suspicious software and updated the system. but I dont think that was the only factor... perhaps I should rethink its position in my room.

It feels weird using a desktop keyboard again and not a laptop one. The keys all seem to be in the wrong place.

I found out something else over the last few days, a poor diet will leave you with monster heartburn. I dont even want to know how much gaviscon I have had to consume since yesterday. might take another dose before bed tonight.

PS. The problems with my computer were down to poor wireless signal and changing the position of the computer in my room worked... who knew!