Tuesday, 1 March 2011

the first day of spring

last week i managed to walk down to the shops with a t-shirt and no jumper; its kind of ironic i spose because that was back in the winter. today however it was really quite cold. what a great start to spring... well heres hoping for a sunny summer and lots of going out.

went to bluewater last week, and as amazing a day out with my girlfriend that it was it was really overpriced in there, £2.50 for a small smoothie. £16 for three pairs of pants (which i bought out of neccesity) i could get a similar set for £3 in choice. still it was an impressive store.

i tried a smoking pipe for the first time last week, it tasted terrible, i dont know how anyone could like that; it make me literally throw up what a waste of £11, although my douchebag brother make good use of my tobacco without asking... then he stole all my sisters fags... then all my lighters... what a wanker

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