Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Technology, it’s all around us; incorporated into every aspect of out lives. I came across this subject while I was walking to school with my eyes fixated to the path in front of me, searching for the missing ear bud that goes with my earphones... I had lost it yesterday.
Thinking about how empty my walk to school was without the constant companion of music I realised just how dependant on technology we are. Take for instance the idea of all the computers in the world stopping at the same time (this can be caused by a number of events; nukes, solar flares, chuck Norris) the world would be thrown into chaos, businesses would fail, stock markets across the world would crash and no one would be able to watch TV... A grim picture to be sure. We have sold our souls to Mrs. Technology and she is a vengeful beast.
On the other hand, if the technology apocolypse doesn't happen, the future looks very advanced. What we have now is nothing, the brand new computer I am using to write this very blog is going to become very outdated quite soon, in a few years I will have to buy another one just to keep up with the software updates and latest trends. Until eventually we get to the point where we don’t need to progress any further and everything becomes fully automated.
Imagine technology like the kind you see in the matrix, you will be able to plug yourselves in and create a Utopia for yourself; worlds where you can do anything you want with no one to answer to if you do something wrong. Crime would stop in the real world because everyone would be plugged in, living in mansions with butlers and trophy wives. (although this would be in virtual reality, really you would be lying in a bath of nutrients with tubes going into your body to keep you alive).
You could be thinking at this point, if everyone is plugged in, who will look after us. Well that one is easy, the androids. Like i said before, everything will be automated. We will all live for ever. Chuck Norris will not be able to harm anyone (as far as scientists can tell, don’t put too much faith in them though, chuck has already broken the laws of physics). Tomorrows world may sound great for some people and just plain creepy for others, I myself am split between the two. But... The time will come...

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