Tuesday, 22 March 2011

FSM and the 2011 Census

Well its official, in the eyes of the government I am a Pastafarian. 2011 census arrived in the mail and I duely filled it out to express my religious orientation. I feel his noodly appendage in my presence even now, I believe I have made FSM happy. I hope that all the other pastafarians out there have put down their religion truthfully on their census, hopefully we can become a fully legitimate and recognised religion in this country, just like Jedi.

I dont quite understand this census, I feel it is just the government sticking its nose in to see whats happening. Its kinda creepy if you ask me... But still if it helps spread the word of the FSM then i'll take it.

It seems there are less people than i thought (who i know) that are using blogspot, its a shame really, I wanted to follow some blogs, oh well never mind.

Ill again, dont know what it is... it feels kinda like tonsilitis but I dont have any tonsils. I am taking this as a sign from his noodlyness that I am deserving of a day or two off from school. Tomorrow I shall eat some kind of pasta to show my thanks. I should be all healed up by friday so that I can enjoy the holy day properly. Might get myself some beer to drink when I get home from Sixth Form.


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