Friday, 29 July 2011

I Need Change

Eugh!!! im getting soo out of shape. I need to get active again but the lure of XBOX and TV is far too strong.

I havnt made a post in months and its kinda getting too me so I shall make one now.

Went to sommerset last weekend and it was pretty good. I got to see the town where Hot Fuzz was filmed and I even shopped in the summerfields that featured in the film (where the guy who says "narp" works) athough its a Co-Op now. Kinda sucks really because the co-op are complete dickheads. For instance in shepton mallet I fell victim to the infamous 'service with a scowl' experience that is often linked with the co-op. Girl behind the counter looked at me like I just slapped her in the face when I tried to buy something with my card.

I cant believe some of the stupid policies that the big supermarkets have where they refuse to sell me alcohol because someone who is underage is within my general area. If I was that serious about buying someone alcohol then i would make them stand outside. If I was older then I wouldnt be a problem. geez

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Drunken ramblings

Its weird how that when I am drunk (like I am now) my behaviour towards other people is changed. Somehow me sipping Glenfiddich results in a very sociable and forthcoming person. Just thought I would share that with you.