Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Unable to sleep

unfortunately due to an inability to sleep i have decided to try to make myself more tired by writing in my new blog for my new audience.

i know i made the promise in my last post that i was going to tone down the political ramblings but i feel i just have to comment on this; nick clegg decided to face up to his critics (students) and completely ballsed it up. the aggrivation of the students that were allowed to question him became very apparent during his interview when he refused to apologise for lying to his electorate. however i shall end that there for those that have no wish to listen to me rant about how much of a mistake the current govenment is. perhaps i shall start up another blog on my profile so that i may deal with such issues there. i wont decide that now though, it is far to late.

i keep findng myself in the position of going to bed at silly hours of the morning due to lack of sleep or too much to do before i turn in for the night; this keeps resulting in my being late to school. lucky for me, today is the day before a morning of study so we shant worry about that too much.

i tried my newest brew of beer today and was pleasently surprised with how it turned out. my last brew was a little on the sweet side (which i am convinced was because it was too cold for brewing) but this time it is more like a really nice ale.

i have not yet come up with any good ideas for posts on this blog yet so for now they will be like this. i have been toying with the idea of posting short stories that i would write either at school or at home. i must be careful though. there are a few people who alreay do this; 'Chronicles of Clunge'* being my personal favourite.

my goal in this post it too keep writing as much as possible to help me get more tired. its such a shame that im an insomniac (and have a blocked nose due to a cold). i wonder if there are aby viable home remedies for insomnia, i shall have to google that later. i dont like the idea of all the doctor prescribed medicated tranquilisers which dont really allow you to sleep; they work by making you unconcious, which means that i would be unable to reach the stage of sleep known as 'REM sleep' (REM stands for 'Rapid Eye Movement' and refers to the stage of sleep where you can dream). without REM sleep you could become mentally unstable which sounds rather unpleasent.

anyway i think i have sufficiently managed to tire myself out so i shall bid you goodnight for now.

* written by a friend of mine it is a read i really recommend... however if you are young or of the faint of heart it probaly isnt for you

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