Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A new Blog/Start

after reading the blogs of a friend of mine on this website i have decided to jump on the bandwagon and relocate my thoughts here. this is for a few reasons; 1. this site seems more like a social networking site than a normal blog, which im hoping will give me a larger audience than the one person every month or so that i have been just about achieving on wordpress but i think the main reason that i am relocating here is that blogger allows quite a bit more.

anyway enough of that there are some rather important things i feel i should cover in my first post on a new blog. firstly would be a shameless plug of my old blog; www.jameshennigan.wordpress.com... got that? good! now that that part is out of the way we can move on. the second point i wish to convey in this, the first post relates rather nicely to my first point. it is of course an explanation. as i have already mentioned, wordpress does not allow the same social connectivity that blogger allows so i have decided to relocate here to try to get my ramblings noticed by a few more people than none at all. i decided (around about the same time i decided to breath new life into this old blogger account) that i shall leave all my posts on wordpress where they are.

this new blog i am taking the opportunity to change my blogging style, i feel that my old blog was getting quite samey; more often than not, featuring me getting on my soapbox about the conservative government (if however you feel inclined to check that out i am leaving it where it is for all to see). i want to focus this blog more on the mind of me; which is why (for those who know me) i am making ideas for this blog the primary function of my old excercise book; the rather unusually named "james' gay book of gay stuff". a name prescribed to it by a guy in my english class.

in order to conclude this short but (hopefully) sweet post i wish to tell you this; if this blog sounds like something that would interest you, then please read on and enjoy. If however this sound like it really isnt your cup of tea (or coffee depending on your preferences) then please read on anyway; it is my hope that you will be pleasently surprised

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