Friday, 22 April 2011

Once again to the cinema to see a film. This one, called limitless, is a film for those who dont mind waiting for the story to develop. My girlfriend didnt seem to enjoy it that much; "i'm really bored, ", and a friend of mine was told off by a lady in the row in front who looked a lot like the person who had a go at me during a showing of 'a body of lies' (I think it was that film) last year. Maybe shes one of those people who like to complain at people for a hobby.

its a shame people like that exist... or maybe she was just generally annoyed by his constant stream of noise eminating from him trying to drink the very last drops of a slushie through a straw in a silent, movie theatre.

The house will need clearing up tomorrow, It has been tidied a little bit but there is still lots to do before the parents get back on monday.

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